Glass fiber synthetic fiber composite needle felt filter material, fluorine beauty modified (LNFH type)
    Glass fiber polyester compound needled filter felt filter material (fluorine modified) is 2004, my company according to customer needs, through constant innovation and development in the original 9806, 9807 and fluorine mae, based on production technology and raw materials have been adjusted and developed a new type of filter material, it is composed of more than three kinds of high temperature resistant fiber blend and layer upon layer of compound acupuncture and become, to achieve better physical properties. This kind of filter material in physical performance, service life and other technical indicators are better than the original 9806, 9807, it has high temperature resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, flexural filtering high peel strength, wind speed can reach more than 0.8 (m/min), etc, through different surface chemical processing and finishing technology also has Yi Qing grey, repellent oil, antistatic, etc. And is suitable for 100-210 ℃, 100-240 ℃, 100-260 ℃, 100-280 ℃, 100-300 ℃ temperature of different series products. Applicable to steel, smelting, cement, carbon black industry such as pulse bag filter products.